Friday, March 20, 2015

More Substance Designer- Procedural PBR Textures

Subway tiles...did a few variations.

 For these I was trying to make some really interesting muddy, grassy, rocky, terrain all with procedural methods so that I could come up with lots of variations real fast.

3d advertising work-

Making props for Advertising with my brother...

My brother MattSartain is an amazing photographer based in the San Francisco Area.
He has had me work on a couple 3d items for some of his great work. More can be found at

I made the phone for this shot. Modeled in Maya, rendered in Keyshot with HDR from
this image to get lighting and reflections just right.

I modeled the wine bottle and vines in Maya, for this shot
and also setup some lighting for the wine bottle in Keyshot.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Substance Designer Practice Page

1950s Diner Inspired

Herring Bone Wood Floors

Concrete/brick walls- a test to see how much you can change with a few masks, 
and a easy one or two button change.

More wood Foors 1st installment.

2nd Substance ever...the Tiles

Some Rubber mats - dozens of possible patterns.