Friday, March 20, 2015

More Substance Designer- Procedural PBR Textures

Subway tiles...did a few variations.

 For these I was trying to make some really interesting muddy, grassy, rocky, terrain all with procedural methods so that I could come up with lots of variations real fast.

3d advertising work-

Making props for Advertising with my brother...

My brother MattSartain is an amazing photographer based in the San Francisco Area.
He has had me work on a couple 3d items for some of his great work. More can be found at

I made the phone for this shot. Modeled in Maya, rendered in Keyshot with HDR from
this image to get lighting and reflections just right.

I modeled the wine bottle and vines in Maya, for this shot
and also setup some lighting for the wine bottle in Keyshot.